We are “Pourquoi Pas ?!”,

in English “Why Not?!”. This name is also the mindset we use to ‘pollinate’ leaders, teams and organisations worldwide.

Together, let’s sharpen their interactions and enhance their cultures.

Let’s empower them so they can build efficient and sustainable solutions, for the future, for human beings, for other species and for the environment.


1_Home_In a nutshell

In a nutshell,

Pourquoi pas ?! exists to contribute to making our world a better place by shaping our interactions, towards ourselves, other human beings, other species and the environment.

In details,

there are several reasons why.

Bees are a reason why.

Super-heroes are a reason why.

Robin Hood is a reason why.

Magali, the founder,

is French by birth and Citizen of the world at heart.

After 15 years working for consulting firms, on global projects, mainly in the fields of Change Management and Leadership, she felt she was ready to upscale her contribution into making the world a better place.

In 2021, she created Pourquoi pas ?! and decided to focus her strengths on leaders and organisations which deserve it.


We challenge, inspire and pollinate your executives, your teams, your leaders and your organisations.

Let us enhance

conscious leadership.

Let us sublimate

collaboration and collective intelligence.

Let us broaden

perceptions and innovation.

In short, let us boost

sustainable performance!

Invite us!

to facilitate your international seminars, we’ll inspire, challenge and further bond your teams!

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Magali supported our executive team through a transformation project. Her great listening skills and ability to approach complex stakes and stakeholders, helped our team bond around this project. Regis B.
In just an hour, we unlocked two strategic tricky situations. Our session met necessary conditions: simplicity and mutual trust. After taking into account the complexity of our situation without any biais, Magali came up with valuable out-of-the-box ideas.

Adrien P.

The group coaching program, facilitated with both dynamism and concreteness, gave me the opportunity to better know myself and realize that I could decide about my own professional path. After, I moved from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Novine T.
It was a true pleasure to attend this management program and to benefit from Magali’s professional way to deliver this training, grounded in both theory and concrete application. Alexandre G.


“Blooming culture” is the foundation on which the magic of collective intelligence can happen and sustainable solutions can grow. Such culture produces renewable human energies.

8 pilars form a Blooming Culture: collaboration, communication, inclusion, curiosity, open mindedness, innovation, emotions, philosophy.

3 steps are necessary to form a Blooming Culture:

1. Rebirth,

2. Hatching,

3. Pollination



Want to test out our latest developments?

Our “Why Not Factory”: 1-4 hours which will provide you with a bunch of creative ideas and solutions for any of your projects or issues –yes, any!

A “Laugh&Learn Talk” around feedback, which will shift minds and behaviors within your organisation/team.